Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battle Report

So  I did a 1500 point game last night vs some orks my list was

10 purifiers with halberd's
8   purifiers with halberds
Crowe so they are troops
1 Liberian with shrouding quick silver and dark vortex and a halberd
2 land raiders
1 dread knight with psycan and flamer

and the orks won the dice roll so he was first. Laid out before me was 80 some odd orks and i was just like damn what am I going to do so i deployed as far away from him as I could.


he rushed at me he had 1 warboss on a bike it move flat out at my dread knight. i did a few lass cannon shots and i did 1 wound to his warboss my turn was very short i saw a horde of green men just come running my way.


he made it to assault my dread knight with his war boss and a few boys and the dread knight killed his war boss before he could strike with his power claw and that was it for his turn. Then i rolled my land raider up and let the purifiers roll out to help there dread knight buddy fend off a horde of 20 boys and some defcopters owning  them out before they even had a chance to strike back.


There was some shooting  40 more boys rolled up to fight the purifiers i got the assault off and cleared them out only losing 3 purifiers to some shooting and that was pretty much it he was done turns 4 and 5 was just cleaning up.

so over all my purifier army seems to do well against the green tide more testing to be done I'm waiting on my storm ravens to get in so i can use them that about the only change to my list would be lose the land raiders for my storm ravens

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome to my first blog

Hi every one I'm Mad Dog Harry this is my 40k blog we will be talking about battle report's, painting, and tactic's. We will be talking a lot about Grey Knights as this is my newest army I am painting up.

Today we will be talking about Purifiers now they are a great elite choice or a troop choice if u take Castellan Crowe and we will talk about how bad Crowe is another day. Now a big mistake i see people doing with there Purifiers is giving them heavy weapons not to say heavy weapons are bad but they are just better on other dude cause purifiers they are an assault troop and an amazing one at that we wanna get then in there and let them own with there cleansing fire cause they can wipe out hordes of orks or bugs and that being said that is what they are best for wiping out light infantry. The heavy guys u wanna leave to be taken down by your pallys or termies. Remember halberd's are a god send a group of 10 purifiers can wipe out hordes like there a hot knife threw butter. Hope every one enjoyed my first posts more to come very soon.